An education in Western Canada, majoring in art history, has been followed by many years of study in all aspects of visual arts.  Mentors such as John Leonard, Dennis Cliff, Ottis Tamisaskis and Marsha Stonehouse have facilitated work in many disciplines and mediums, including oils, acrylic, watercolours, encaustic, sculpture, lithography and life-study.

Aggie also worked for 20 years as a consultant and selector in corporate art placement through Art Rental of A.G.O., as well as principle of A.L.M. & Associates, Framing & Consulting.

Aggie’s work is included in a number of corporate and private collections, Canada and the U.S., and is shown in a number of galleries, which regularly include the Upper Gallery, 3016 Bloor St. W., Toronto,  Latitude 44 Gallery, 2900 Dundas St. W., Toronto,  and the Art Centre Gallery, Blue Mountain Foundation, Collingwood, On. Aggie is currently showing at Marsh Street Gallery in Clarksburg, Ontario.

Aggie’s art style is characterized by an expressionist treatment, often with impasto textures and combinations of mixed mediums.  She is presently working toward a more minimalized conceptualism, however, surface texture and strong contrasts in light and colour intensity remain her favored method of expression.

For Aggie, art continues to be a passion, a joy, a challenge and always, an adventure.

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